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Start Enjoying the Wealth You Already Have

dreamstimemedium_15410005-350The wealth that you have has nothing to do with money. When you limit your definition of wealth to only money, you miss out on the riches life has given you already. If your happiness is dependent on how much money you do or don’t make, you only have to look at the hundreds of people in the news who make globs of money and still have the same issues in life that we all go through. All that proves is that we are all human.

Have you ever said “I’ll be happy when…” “When” might never come. Life is very short, unless you have to wait five minutes, then life is an eternity. Why not see the gifts in your life right now regardless of what is going on in your life. Waiting takes too long.

Enjoy Every Moment Lest it be Gone
Enjoy every moment with your family and friends. Not everyone has a loving, supportive support system.

Be your best in your job or profession. If you hate your job, remember you filled out the application and said yes to the job offer. You are there for a reason so do your best. Not everyone has a job.

Be grateful for your natural gifts. If something is easy for you, that is a blessing and a clue that is your niche in life. We are each meant to excel at something. Use them so you don’t lose them.

Look for the things that bring a sparkle to your eyes and lighten your heart. These are the things that bring you the greatest joy. Joy is priceless.

We are born with everything we need to complete our journey through life. We carry it inside of us. We discover what we need at the exact moment we need it. When we need to be strong, we are strong. When we need to be gentle, we are gentle. Some things we need to practice more than others, like patience and acceptance. We already have those things inside ourselves, we only need to activate them and utilize them.

Relax and open up to seeing the wealth in your life that is the gift of the present moment.

Follow Your Heart Doing What You Love

follow heartHow do you know if you are following your heart and not your head? The simple answer is that you have what you need and you are happy. It is really hard to be happy when you are going against the grain of your life path. There is not one way to follow your heart. Some of us know exactly what we want to do in life and we do it. Some of us have to try a few things before we find something that lights up our eyes and inspires us to take action. Still others of us, wander from one thing to the next. We have a multitude of interests and have to explore every side path that shows up in life.

You Know What is Right For You
Nobody but you has the answers you seek in life. Whatever you do or don’t do at any point in your life was perfect for that moment. You may have learned something. You may not have learned something. In any case, you had a perception of the experience that you had and took actions based on that experience. Our life becomes an accumulation of experiences that we base our next actions on.

You are following your head if you are listening to all the could haves, should haves, and would haves. Your head is great for hindsight and putting limits on what you can and can’t do. Advice you get from others is based on their experience from their perspective. Advice can be excellent and provide us with the tools to make the changes we want to make in our lives.

Your Heart Tells You Which Path To Take
Sometimes it is gut instinct or just knowing something is about to happen. Sometimes it is being in the right place and the right time. Sometime it is being in the wrong place at the wrong time that sets your life on an entirely different path.

You don’t have to look for happiness. You don’t have to pursue it. Happiness is within you. Look within and follow your heart. The more you open your heart to doing everything in your life with love, the more happiness and love expand in your life. And isn’t that what we really want. To be happy. To be loved.

Attract What You Want In Your Life

Love what you doFocus on what you do want not what you don’t want. I’ve done my share of pissing and moaning about what I don’t want or have, which doesn’t make a very happy me. It also doesn’t bring better things into my life. It does waste a lot of time spent wallowing in what I don’t want. Why would I do that? Who in their right mind does that? The good news is I can change my mind and do my wallowing in the good things in life. If I’m going to waste my time, why not have that time spent on dreaming and envisioning all the good things that can happen. I can focus on right now. There is no rule in life about what you can or can’t focus on.

There Is No Magic Playbook For Life
If there were, it would have to include unlimited possibilities and solutions for the billions of people on the planet because we are all different. We are each unique with a unique perspective on life and what we want in life. We are each on our own path and that path is perfect for each of us.

Those times in my life when I stopped hating my journey for the moment, accepted that it was what it was at that moment, and simply lived my life as it showed up, where the times when my life unfolded quite nicely. I loved what I was doing. I appreciated everything. I had great relationships and enough money to do what I wanted to do at the time. Life was an adventure. Life was fun. I still had goals and dreams. I just did not focus on what I didn’t have.

Then stuff comes up that may not be so much fun. And, I, like most of us, latch onto those things with jaws of steel. They become the focus. They become the story. They take on a life of their own. It is so hard to see what we need to let go of.

Release the grip on what you don’t want and there will be more room for the things you do want to come into your life. Let go of the old stories. Change the focus to what you do want. Love what you are doing right now and you will start attracting more of what you do want in life.

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