Unemployed and Likely to Stay That Way or NOT!

How many times have you read or heard the statement “The longer people stay out of work, the more trouble they have finding new work.”? I am willing to bet that you have heard it so many times that you accept it, embrace it, and live it. Provided you are unemployed and have remained unemployed especially for six months or longer.

News reports tend to limit their voice of influence in the marketplace to reporting the negative opportunities of unemployment. Here are only a few of the tidbits that the reporters of wisdom feed to the unemployed AND to those who are hiring.

  1. The longer you are out of work the less employable you are.
  2. The longer you are out of work the less likely you can find a job.
  3. If you’re not working there must be something wrong with you.
  4. You are more likely to be depressed.
  5. You are more likely to have low self-respect.
  6. You are more likely to interview poorly.
  7. You have gotten out of the habit of working.
  8. You will have trouble readjusting to a structured schedule.
  9. You spend more time sleeping and watching television.
  10. Your job skills will atrophy.

And as quoted from the New York Times article “Unemployed, and Likely to Stay that Way” – “People don’t have money to keep up appearances important for job hunting,“ said Katherine S. Newman, a sociology professor at Princeton.”

There is nothing wrong with the facts that support the statistics reported in the news. When you do all of the above then that is where you will remain.

So what can you do if you have been unemployed for six months or longer to gain employment? Better yet, what can you do to gain employment doing something that you love doing rather than something you hate doing. You have to ask yourself the ultimate question for you. Do you want just any job or do you want a job that you will enjoy getting up to do every day?

For those who want a job that you will enjoy getting up to go to every day, here are a few tidbits that you can start feeding into your mind and actions you can start taking to turn your life around.

1. The longer you are out of work the more likely you are to start a business doing something that you love doing. You might want to do a little research on the statistics of those who have stepped into their life’s dream job (working for themselves or someone else). The success stories in this arena are amazing and wonderful. You can have that too.

2. The longer you are out of work the more likely you are to create a job for yourself. Necessity is the mother of invention. When you reach the point where you can no longer stand to do nothing, you will do something. That something will be in the arena of what you love to do, utilizes your natural skills and abilities, and will allow you to access additional support and assistance where you need it. With that you have a business startup success probability of 95%.

3. If you are not working and you are still breathing then there is something more you are to be doing with your life. There is something that you have not yet completed. It may be learning something or teaching something to others. It is different for each of us. Have fun exploring the possibilities of what that could be.

4. What are you doing to support yourself from succumbing to depression and non-action? Depression is a multi-faceted expression of feelings and emotions. There are a multitude of standard medical and alternative methods for dealing with this issue. Do some research beyond what you would normally think of and find what lifts you up rather than bogs you down.

5. Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem originate within your Self. If you are lucky enough to be unemployed for long enough to complete intensive inner work discovering your true Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem, then Congratulations! You are a Sage and can put that on your resume! These three aspects of Self have nothing to do with whether you are working or not, how much money you have or don’t have, or what others think of you.

6. You will interview exactly how you want to interview. If you were a poor interviewee before the recession, you will be a poor interviewee now. Work on your interview skills. Practice and relax. You may need to work on item 5 above, as we all do.

7. Most people who have not been working are so thrilled to be working again, and having income again, that going to work is a joy not a chore. Your work habits are your work habits. You will resume the same work habits you had before you became unemployed. This is a good time to put “going the extra mile” habits in place in whatever you are doing. That energy of giving your all in all that you do carries a lot of oomph with the Law of Attraction.

8. Again, where you great with a structured schedule before you were unemployed? Believe it or not your current schedule, working or not, has a structure. What is it? When do you get up? What do you do during the day on what days? When do go to bed? The difference here is that YOU DECIDE what you are doing during “work” hours rather than an employer telling you what to do during “work” hours. Take this with a measure of common sense. When you are working, you are working at something you are knowledgeable about and do not have to have your employer tell you every little thing to do.

9. If you are spending a larger than healthy proportion of your time sleeping and watching TV you will know if that is healthy or not healthy for you. Did you get let go from a job you hated that sucked all the life out of you? Sleeping can be very healing. TV is a tool. You can use it to further your education and your life or you can use it to escape taking action. It’s your choice. Oh, and congratulations to those of you who have been out of work for longer than six months and still have cable TV service!

10. When you left your last place of employment, you took your knowledge and skills with you. You may have lost a job but you did not lose your mind. You have always been and always will be responsible for maintaining your skill level in anything that you do. When you are in the habit of building skills you will continue to build skills. Look at what skills you feel you are losing or lacking and work on building them.

If your goal is this: “Unemployed, and Likely to Stay That Way”
Then follow this mindset:  “People don’t have money to keep up appearances important for job hunting.”

If your goal is this: “Unemployed, and Likely to Find Work Doing What You Love”
Then follow this mindset:  People don’t have to have money to start a business or find a job. There are ample free resources available to handle any problem or excuse you can come up with that you can’t, with something that supports what you can do.

The choice is yours.
The question is… What direction are you looking to for answers?

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