Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

The mind is pure imagination. If you can imagine it then you can be it, do it, and have it.

It is when our mind is filled with all the things that aren’t going on in our lives that we start living those very things that we don’t want the most. We fear the worst. We make up stories about what will happen. We make assumptions about things that have not happened yet. When fears and worries take over our lives, we get wrapped up in the lowest vibrations of feelings spinning around and around remaining stuck exactly where we don’t want to be.

It doesn’t matter what you think you want, being disillusioned with life is one of the most depressing and uninspiring moments of experiencing life. When those moments stretch into months or years, it is even more depressing. It is hard to lift yourself up when feeling so low.

Doom and Gloom is a Temporary Situation
The good news is that it does not have to be a permanent condition. Rock bottom does not have to be the starting point to move forward in life. We each have the freedom to make different choices in our lives. The trouble begins when we start thinking that our choices are limited or, even worse, that we have no choices left. Unfortunately the worse we feel, the worse we do. The more we listen to the negative feedback churning around in our own minds, the worse we feel. The more we listen to the judgments of others about what we should or should not be doing, the worse we feel. The more we play the blame game and remain distracted with things outside of ourselves, the worse we feel. It is not until we decide to feel better, that we actually start to feel better.

Change rock bottom to now. Pick yourself up. Brush yourself off. And fire up your imagination with the things you do want to see unfold in your life.

What We See is What We Get
Our reality is reflected from our mindset and supported by our feelings. It is easy to get very set on what we think, allowing what we think to be the entire meaning of life. Our feelings are the fuel for maintaining what we see in the world around us. When life challenges the beliefs we hold, the very things we wish would change seem even more permanent. It is not until we are sick and tired of where we are that we start to make different decisions about what we would like our life to look like.

Take an honest and non-judgmental look at your physical surroundings and circumstances. What do you like and dislike? How do you feel about what you like and dislike? Is this the life you have imagined?  Do you wish for something different?

One of the hardest things to admit to ourselves is that we have had a hand in creating the life that we live. We like to take credit for the good stuff, as we see it. We don’t like to take credit for the not so good stuff. We don’t like to take credit for what our fears create in our lives. We don’t want to take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings that mold our perception of the world around us.

We Are What We Think We Are
The simple fact is that we don’t know what is going on in our own minds most of the time, never mind what is going on in other people’s minds. We like to think we know what other people are thinking. Not so, though, in a way we do.  We are thinking what WE think other people are thinking about us. And so are they. We really don’t know what others are thinking about us. We only know what we think. These thoughts accumulate into beliefs about ourselves and others that run our reactions and responses on automatic. We need to only shift one belief to start shifting them all.

The majority of us hold the belief that we have to work hard to maintain the level of lifestyle that we want to experience in our lifetime. The trick is that we end up working hard to end up working hard to maintain where we currently are. This working hard mentality keeps working hard for us. The harder we work, the harder it gets. We could get ahead if we only worked harder. Then when we are working our hardest, we get sick, or lose our main source of income, or our family life disintegrates. So much for working hard to get to enjoy life. The fact is when we lead our lives from our head, we end up with whatever is spinning around in our head.

Real joy in life comes from the heart of who we are. It is what lights up our eyes when we talk about it. It is in our special interests that we find our greatest gifts in life. It is what we would really do if we had all the time and money in the world. Our heart will never steer us wrong regardless of the bumps in the road. Taking one small step in changing thinking patterns toward what the heart desires opens up a whole new level of opportunities.

Change the Tapes Playing Back the Past
We are more apt to notice a particular song or tune stuck in our head than we are to notice the negative, down-grading thoughts swirling around behind the scenes. Take the time to notice what thoughts are playing back in your head and what happens when inspiration arises. Any thoughts of hope or inspiration are quickly quelled by the minds remembrance of what was, how we felt about it, or what someone else told us about it. The mind records the past with a finite amount of experiences and plays that back as if it is the only possibility. It is what it was. It is nothing more than that. The future is open to any and all possibilities. The future can be anything.

Notice the thoughts that are predominant in your mind. Notice the feeling attached to those thoughts and the words that you speak out loud. When the thoughts and words that play over and over again in your mind don’t match up to the way you imagine your life can be, change the tape to something more positive. Mindset can be reset. A more positive message from within supports more of what our heart desires. That is where the joy is.

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