Exploring 365 Words 21 to 30

Certain words bring up feelings that we would rather not address. We limit ourselves from expanding beyond what we may think is the right amount of feeling that we think we deserve or are capable of. Often times it is the wonderful aspects of who we are that we deny ourselves. We limit how good we allow ourselves to feel. Think well of yourself. Allow yourself to feel better than you ever have before.

10 Word Review

Take a few moments to explore each of these words and see how quickly you can bring up the highest vibration of these feelings. Utilize these feelings during each day. Notice any positive changes.

Radiant, Safe, Talented, Uncover, Validate,

Willing, X-ray, Yes, Zeal, Allow

21:       Radiant

To be radiant is to send out a shiny and glowing light. We don’t realize that our radiance shines through even on the darkest days. We attract what we send out.

Be radiant. As you walk through your day, imagine that you are radiating Love, Peace, and Happiness everywhere you go.

22:       Safe

Security is our prime objective in life. A lack of feeling safety prevents us from living our lives to its fullest. Fear is a driving factor in the feeling of being unsafe.

Part of feeling safe is to feel well supported. While seated, nurture the feeling of being safe by breathing in and feeling the chair beneath you. Breath out and feel how supported you are. Repeat until you feel grounded and well supported. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can use this simple exercise to fall asleep easily.

23:       Talented

Being talented implies that we are good at something. We are all good at something. We each have a unique knack for the thing that lights up our eyes and inspires us to be better or more in a particular area.

Nurture and develop those things that bring out your natural talents. Acknowledge that you are talented. Think of the things you can do, not the things you can’t. Let your creative imagination free to explore something new.

24:       Uncover

There is nothing to fear in uncovering the truth of who you are. Shame and guilt reside in fear. Fear of feelings, thoughts, or deeds being uncovered are a judgment of who we think others think we are or are not. Uncovering the feelings that make us most uncomfortable allows those feeling to clear out. Instead of suppressing feelings, allow them to flow. There is no need to act on feelings. They are energy moving through the body. Let them move.

What feelings do you avoid? Uncover them and allow that energy to move through you and out of you. Notice that they do not change the essence of who you are.

25:       Validate

What do you validate in life? Where are you waiting for proof that what you know to be true is actually true. In a world of infinite possibilities, all things are true. Waiting to validate proof that things are one way or another does not allow for ever expanding experiences and opportunities.

Notice if you are checking yourself for validation before moving on with the next step in life. If you are waiting for validation that you are worthy, know that you are already worthy. Give yourself permission to have a happier, healthier, easier life. Live your life as if it already is, without having to wait for validation.

26:       Willing

The attitude of being willing to do something is much more powerful than being forced to do something. It is also more fun. It is easier to accomplish those things that we are willing to do. By adding the dimension of not having to have the result be our vision of perfect, it becomes even more fun.

Approach everything in your day with the attitude of being willing to do it. Notice when you feel resistance to something or someone. Switch your response to that of being willing to be open to whatever happens. Rather than focus on the result of what you want, focus on being willing to allow it be whatever it is in the moment. Notice if the situation shifts.

27:       X-Ray

X-Rays provide us with the ability to see within our own bodies. They allow us to see different levels of density in our bones. To see the different levels of density within our minds and emotions, we have to look within. To look within ourselves we need x-ray vision to look past the surface. What is on the surface is not often the same as what is going on underneath.

Imagine that you can see past the surface circumstances of something that is bothering you. What do you see that is supporting those events? Now look through that event and see what is supporting that? Keep going till you arrive at what appears to be the root of it. Then take a look at what is below or rather beyond that.

Have fun with this exercise as in searching for a hidden treasure rather that digging up deep dark secrets.

28:       Yes

Maybe yes, maybe no, sends a mixed message into the future and keeps the present exactly as it is. Saying Yes is vibrational permission to proceed.

Say Yes out loud several times with increasing intensity. Notice how you feel.

Say No out loud several times with increasing intensity. Notice how you feel.

Think about an instance when you said yes and you wanted to say no. Notice how that felt.

Think about an instance when you said no and you wanted to say yes. Notice how that felt.

Think about what holds you back from saying Yes to things you would like to.
Take the day to say an enthusiastic Yes to everything that occurs in your day whether you actually take action on the thing or not.

29:       Zeal

Develop a sense of eager passion toward your day. Zeal is the spice of life that many of us are missing out on. We have the ability to utilize the energy of this word in many aspects of daily living. Taking out the garbage can be fun and easy when it is taken out with zeal.

What does zeal feel like? What would you do with this day if you were enthusiastic about everything that happened today? Bring a sense of this energy into everything that you do today.

Notice if you stop yourself from allowing the strong energy of zeal to arise during the day. At what point do you judge how much zeal you allow yourself to feel? Notice it and let it go. 

30:       Allow

The things we allow ourselves to have are the things we have. In our early years, our parents direct what we are allowed to have and not have. They are our caretakers. What they allow in their own lives is most likely based on what they learned from their parents. As adults, we tend to continue dependence upon what others would or would not allow us to do. This often shifts from parental influence to peer pressure to co-worker and partner relationships.

Without judging good or bad, think about what you allow in your life and what you don’t allow. Allowing allows us to give ourselves permission. Does the thought of allowing bring up resentment of those things you weren’t allowed to do? Or a reluctance to accept that you can now allow yourself to do what you have always dreamed of doing?

The power in allowing lies in allowing things to be perfect exactly the way they are. Can you allow things to perfect exactly as they are? Then can you allow them to be different?

If you could do anything would you allow yourself to do it?