Exploring 365 Words 11 to 20

The words we utilize every day help to drive our perceptions of the world around us. Often our words are dictated by our emotions and automatic responses to the events in our lives. By choosing to use the words that empower our lives in a more positive manner, we make our life easier.

Explore the layers of emotion tangled up in these words. Notice if there are limits to how these words are expressed throughout the day. Reduce or eliminate  the fears and judgments that restrict living a happier and more fulfilling life.

10 Word Review

Take a few moments to explore each of these words and see how quickly you can bring up the highest vibration of these feelings. Utilize these feelings during each day. Notice any positive changes.

Laughter, Magnificent, Joy, Nothing, Open,

Passion, Quiet, Self-Esteem, Love, Peace

11:       Laughter

If you haven’t had a good laugh today, you have missed one of the greatest joys we have in life. Laughter is infectious. Laughter really is the best medicine. Laughter vibrates through the entire body and has a healing effect on every organ in the body. It is the mind’s release valve for stress. The less stressed we are, the healthier we are.

Notice how you feel when you laugh. Notice how long that feeling lasts after you stop laughing. Laughter leaves a smile and a light uplifting feeling. Remember something that made you laugh and notice if that memory makes you smile.

Make laughter a part of every day.

12:       Magnificent

You are magnificent. Allow yourself to feel magnificent and allow that feeling to expand.

Repeat the word magnificent several times. Notice how the feeling of that word expands exponentially the more you say it and feel it.

Picture the places you view as magnificent. Imagine yourself as part of that picture. Practice the openness and spaciousness of the word.

13:       Joy

Joy is happiness on steroids. It is experiencing pure pleasure without limitation. The world is filled with Joy. Joy was not meant to be experienced only on Holidays. It was meant to be experienced daily. Many have lost touch with what Joy feels like.  We each can discover what Joy feels like within ourselves and nurture those things in our lives that expand that feeling.

Joy does not have to be attached to a constant state of high energy excitement. It is attached to many more things that we experience throughout the day, in greater or lesser degrees. Do we save our joy for the week-ends? Do we limit when we can and can’t experience joy? Is the last cup of coffee of the day enjoyed as completely as the first?

Feeling Joy is simple. Suppressing it is a chore and a habit. Notice when you limit or deny Joy in your day. Instead of suppressing it, allow it to expand. If someone asks you why you are so happy, tell them you are practicing Joy.

14:       Nothing

We aspire to fear nothing but that ends up being exactly what we fear. We fear nothing. We are afraid of having nothing, being nothing, and seeking nothing. Nothing will transform our lives in the way we think it ought to. Nothing can and nothing ever will.

We search out our fears on everything that we do fear and neglect the fear of the word nothing. Nothing is a word embedded with a myriad of multi-level interpretations and insinuations for what our life should or should not be. Even when we have nothing, we have everything we need to become more of who we are meant to be.

When everything is taken from us in the physical world and we are left with nothing physical to hang onto, we discover that having nothing is not the most important thing to us. When we accept that we do not have the skills and interests of another we revere and aspire to be, we discover that we have our own unique set of skills and interest. Our beingness comes from who we are not who someone else is. When we have worked hard our entire lives and still do not reach the goals we seek to reach, we discover that what we have in this present moment is far more enduring.

What about nothing are you afraid of? The less you are afraid of nothing the less afraid you will be of everything.

15:       Open

Open minds create conversations. Open hearts create solutions.

Openness is often attached to a fear of being exposed or exploited. We close things off to guard and protect them. It isn’t actually protecting anything. If anything, it inhibits the ability to create solutions or greater benefit than one can imagine at the moment.  It is refreshing to open up the windows on an early spring day and air out the house. Our minds need this airing out from time to time also.

Being open to new or different ideas doesn’t mean one had to ditch all current ideas and beliefs. It is the individual’s choice to accept or reject or explore further something new or different. Just because something is ideal for one individual does not mean it is ideal for another. Being open to other’s ideas allows one to gain understanding. It does not mean that those ideas have to be adopted.

Examine what it feels like to feel open. Examine what it feels like to feel closed. Practice shifting that feeling from closed to open. Then use it in a situation where you feel all options are closed. See what happens.

16:       Passion

The greatest human endeavors are born out of and fueled to completion by passion. Life feels more worth living when we are passionate about it. When we don’t feel passionate about anything, it can be hard to get going at the start of the day. When we feel passionate about everything it can be hard to stay focused on one thing long enough to get anything done.

The thing about passion is that it ebbs and flows with the days just like any other feelings we have. We know what we are passionate about even if we don’t identify with what we think it means to be passionate. It is the underlying driving force for why we do what we do each and every day. It lights up our eyes when we talk about it. It is what keeps our dreams alive. It is the thing we look forward to doing when we are not doing it.

That passion is disempowered by reasons and excuses for why we are not walking down the path of our dreams. Empower your dreams and aspirations by unleashing the passion that you really feel about them. Notice what lights up your eyes and lightens your heart.

17:       Quiet

The sound of silence is profound. The world around us is rarely silent. Sound surrounds us every moment of the day. The loudest sound we succumb to is the voice in our own minds. It is when that voice is silenced for a moment that the most profound and healing moments arise.

The quiet mind is a space of great peace and solace. Taking time each day to visit that space allows the mind to relax and regenerate just as relaxing muscle tension allows the body to regenerate. Practicing reaching a quite mind allows the quiet mind to arise in moments of chaos within the mind. This resets any out of control internal commentary and allows solutions to present themselves.

18:       Self-Esteem

Maintaining one’s self-esteem is like pumping air into a tire low in air pressure. The air in a tire responds to outside conditions. Weather conditions and air temperature contract and expand the tire and the air within it. When a tire is low on air, we put ait into it to bring it back to optimum air pressure.

Our self-esteem is constantly challenged by outside pressures. We are judged by others and judged by ourselves. Our level of self-esteem is slowly chipped away if we don’t actively rebuild it. Self-esteem is a wonderful mix of self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-worth. Self is the key word. No one can be confident for you.

Start your day filling yourself up with self-esteem. Notice when your self-esteem drops during the day and pump it up.

19:       Love

There is no greater feeling than that of being in love. Everything is right with the world. Everything is blissfully wonderful. When that feeling is lost or at risk the pain of loss is equally as intense. Why then do we choose to throw it all away to never have it again?

What vibration do you want to carry you through the next year? What do you want to have every day of your life feel like? Why not Love? Why not savor every moment?

What does it feel like to be in Love? In this moment, feel in Love. Be in Love with your loved ones. Be in Love with your life. Feel that you are so loved that the vibration of Love extends from the center of your being to the great beyond. Allow Love to overwhelm every part of your life.

20:       Peace

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Peace is the opposite of drama and chaos. Detaching from daily drama is the quickest way to finding a moment of peace. Imagine what a peaceful life would look like.  Imagine going through daily activities without all the drama. How much could be accomplished?

Peace does not mean doing nothing. It is constructive rather than destructive. It is collaborative rather than separating. Peace allows creativity to expand and flourish. Bonds formed through peace create lasting underlying effects.

Approach each conflict that arises within the day as a moment to practice peace. How would this work out from a peaceful perspective? A more peaceful perspective opens up more options.