Exploring 365 Words 1 to 10

The spoken word vibrates through our life with ripples lasting for generations. How we feel about the words we speak colors what we see in the world. The words of others impact our lives in a multitude of ways by how they make us feel. We can empower our lives with a subtle shift in awareness and vocabulary.

We are each responsible and accountable for our own manner of being. Life can be amazing in every moment. If it’s not feeling amazing, Why isn’t it?

EVERY word carries a vibration with it that reverberates throughout our life. Enjoy exploring how these feel good words vibrate within your own life! Follow the daily guidelines and/or make up your own. Life is a journey. Make it a joyful one.

10 Word Review

Take a few moments to explore each of these words and see how quickly you can bring up the highest vibration of these feelings. Utilize these feelings during each day. Notice any positive changes.

Ability, Balance, Calm, Dance, Eager
Face, Gain, Happiness, Infinite, Kindness

1:         Ability

Ability is defined as having the talent or skill to do something or being proficient in a particular area. We were each born with the ability to do something unique. Notice how you feel about the word Ability.

Fill in the blanks with what you always say
I have lost the ability to …
I have the ability to …

Expand what feels good. Examine deeper what feels not so good and why.
Practice the feeling of having the ability to do whatever it is that you would like to do.
Then use that feeling when you are faced with a moment that you feel you don’t have that same ability.

2:         Balance

We each have an idea of what our life should look like. This often includes some vision of what it means to have a balanced life.  We seek to balance family, work, sleep, and time for ourselves.  Eat a balanced diet. Get the right amount of exercise for calories consumed.

Balance in life is not the same as measuring weight on the scales of justice. Though that is how we often judge ourselves. Balance is relative. What needs your attention today may be of little significance tomorrow. Each period of our lives requires us to nurture some aspect of ourselves whether that is caring for children, animal companions, or aging parents. We may be focused on a career, spiritual growth, or nothing at all.

What would it feel like to be in perfect balance? Let go of imagining what life has to look like and just feel it. The Universe is always in perfect balance.

Expand what feels good. Examine deeper what feels not so good and why.
Practice the feeling of having balance right now regardless of the circumstances.
Then use that feeling when you are faced with a moment that you feel things are out of balance.

3:         Calm

We all have the ability to remain calm in any situation. We don’t always practice it. We tend to react to situations and events in the manner that they are presented to us. We face anger with anger, we face fear with fear. By reacting to something or someone with calm reduces stress and promotes peace. Calm facilitates healing. It supports health and balance in one’s life.

In order to have the feeling of calm when the situation is anything but calm, it takes practice. Practice the feeling of having calm right now regardless of the circumstances.
Then use that feeling when you are faced with a moment that you want to feel calm.

4:         Dance

May I have this Dance?

Dancing is the creative expression of joy and freedom in movement. It can bring up images and feelings from grace and ease to fear and two left feet.

Tap into what dancing means to you and how it makes you feel. Allow yourself to feel like you are dancing with joy with no one watching.

Life is a dance.

5:         Eager

Do you wake up every day eager to start your day? Looking forward to what is to come with excitement brings a new energy to the day.

Notice how you feel about your day from start to finish. Imagine being eager for the next experience as the day progresses.

6:         Face

The word face has a multitude of emotions and feelings attached to it. How we feel about our own face has a direct impact on how we face the circumstances that challenge us in life. When we feel good about how we look, we are more confident in facing the world.

The more we can face ourselves without judgement, the more we can face the world without judgement. Whatever we can see in our own face is what we can share with the world.

Notice how you feel when you look in the mirror. Expand what feels good. Examine deeper what feels not so good and why. Then look in the mirror with the feeling of what you want to project out in the world. Feel what it feels like to face the world with your most gracious feelings.

7:         Gain

Gain means to obtain something that one desires or to increase the amount or rate of something. Basically it means to get ahead. We all want to get ahead. As an action we typically welcome this. It is where the meaning of gain as a noun comes into the picture that we slam on the brakes in our life. We like the idea of gaining wealth or resources. We refrain from making gains lest we be accused of being greedy. So if repeated gains are accompanied by the one step forward, two steps back know that each step forward takes you nearer to who you really are, not who you are afraid you are.

No Pain, No Gain is a very harsh judgment. We set the bar in such a way as to prove any gains we receive are worthy. In doing this, we often dishonor the gifts we were born with. Our natural skills and interests were gifted to us to make the gains we make in life easier.

Tap into the feeling of making gains free and clear of judgments.

8:         Happiness

The most basic desire is of happiness. While what makes each of us happy differs from person to person, the feeling of what happiness is, is universal. Just don’t judge how happy you are against another.

Look inward for what sparks your happiness. Allow it to arise from within without judgement. Notice when you start to feel happiness arise and whether you stop it or not. Examine if you have any I’ll be happy when statements. Why delay being happy. Be happy anyway.

9:         Infinite

Infinite can feel impossible. It is, however, the impossible manifest. In the infinite there is more than enough of everything for everyone. Marketing plays on the subconscious and often not so subconscious belief that everything is limited. Certainly one can make an argument that everything is limited. Yet we can all use our imagination to experience what it would feel like to be infinite.

How do you feel about the word infinite?

What would it feel like to be infinite?

10:       Kindness

What does it mean to show kindness? The Random Acts of Kindness movement across the globe has made a difference in the lives of many. We show kindness to others in a way that we would feel good if the same kindness were show to us. We act “in kind”. It is the do unto others as you would have others do unto you action.

Think of a time when someone showed you kindness. Expand that feeling.

Think of a time when you showed another kindness. Expand that feeling.

Practice that feeling throughout the day as you interact with others.