Critical Decision Points for the Unemployed

There are critical decision points that you have to make when you are unemployed, depressed, miserable, broke, out of hope, unmotivated, lost, frozen, freaked out, or however you are handling this situation and not seeing any good in the near future. There is no end in sight unless you can see it.

You are the one in control of seeing a brighter future. No one else sees life through your eyes. We each have natural gifts and abilities that we have to offer throughout our lives. It is hardest to see what those are when we go through a period of time when nothing seems to be working out. When we lose the perfect job, the perfect house, or the perfect marriage, it is easier to see the immediate loss rather than what can be learned from the situation. In retrospect, 10 or 20 years later, we will see that the perfect house, perfect job, or perfect marriage that were lost were perfect only for that moment.

How bright do you want your future to be? And how soon do you want it? In seven days you can have a brighter future. How can that be? Well… Because you possess right now one of the most valuable resources that is available to use and spend in any way that you choose. That resource is time. You decide how to spend your time. You decide what to do with your time. The number one excuse for not doing something is: I don’t have the time! The number one reason for failing to complete a deadline, task, or goal is: I didn’t have enough time!

It is time to let go of your fears, open your eyes, and follow your heart. You know what you really want to do with your life. You know what makes you the happiest in your life. Maybe you can’t see it. Maybe you can’t believe that it could happen. Maybe you don’t know how to get out of where you are and step into where you want to be.

This will help get you started.

There are three things you need to stop doing. There are three things you need to start doing. These are rules you have to set and follow every day. It takes time to make them a habit. We have already established that you have the time available to practice. How much you practice is up to you. Everything else will take care of itself.

These are the three critical stop points.

Rule Number 1: Stop equating your self-worth with the amount of money that you have.

Rule Number 2: Stop blaming yourself and others.

Rule Number 3: Stop living by other’s expectations.

These are the three critical start points.

Rule Number 1: Start focusing on what is good in your life.

Rule Number 2: Start questioning your own thoughts and self-talk.

Rule Number 3: Start believing that you can make a difference in your own life.

What can you do today? You can start thinking about if and how you might be following these rules already or how you are not following them. Start looking at your current situation as an observer rather than the main character in the drama. Write down what you see right now without judgment, name calling, or opinion. What do these rules mean to you?

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