Balance Your Life: 5 Easy Tips To Win With Weight Loss Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Let’s face it, special diet plans can impact the pocketbook. Many diets are designed to cut calories and help you lose weight. In the process they often end up lightening your bank account with high priced prepared meal plans or specialty foods. As a society we are embedded with the thought that “you must pay the price” for any success that we achieve. The more you pay the better result you get. Right? Not always. In fact, when you believe that you have to pay the price for success, you will not achieve success no matter what you do, until you have reached the level of pain and suffering that you feel you deserve. Thinking that If you did not struggle and sweat and suffer, then you did not earn it and so do not deserve it does not make the path easier. The final blow to your self-worth are the labels you then place on yourself for being lazy, stupid, fat, or have no will power.

A long-time friend had stopped by and we got on the subject of eating. My point of view regarding food is that food is wonderful, sustains us, and is meant to be enjoyed. My dear friend has the opposite view. I was, quite frankly, stunned when he told me that he has seen me binge. That is not a word I use related to eating. To binge means to me eating vast quantity of foods without being able to stop coupled with trying to ease emotions to no avail. So I asked when he thought he had seen me binge eating. His response was he had seen coffee cake on my table. Coffee cake is coffee cake. I happen to love coffee cake. Just because I love coffee cake does not mean that I binge on it. Nor does it mean that I have to accept his perception that I binge because I eat coffee cake. He sees cake as a binge food. I do not. It is a point of view. He can have his and I can have mine.

Making the dieting process easier, more enjoyable and successful is a practice, not something you can buy or learn from someone else. Many people are successful with many different diets and swear by them. Others have spent thousands of dollars on diets that don’t work for them or they have had limited success. Try these five easy tips for reducing your waistline without reducing your bank account.

Drop the bad names you call yourself

Stick and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Are you hurting yourself by calling yourself names? Who needs bullies, if you are the one being the bully toward yourself? Are you setting yourself up for failure with negative self-talk or success with positive self-talk?

You are what you think you are

Think positive thoughts about food. Food is essential for living. Saying a blessing or thanks before a meal prepares your subconscious for something good coming to you. Constantly condemning the foods you eat puts your body in a state of defense and “saving” calories to protect you.

Examine “catch phrases” about weight and food

These are the things you always say about the foods you eat like “I always gain weight during the Holidays” or “I only have to look at cake to gain weight”. Catching those types of thoughts and replacing them with something more “nutritious” will ease your weight burden tremendously.

Don’t believe everything someone else tells you

Contemplate what others say to you about food before accepting and believing it. Maybe what they say to you is right for you about food… and maybe it is not. What is right for you is your decision and your responsibility. It’s OK to be who you are and like what you like.

Redefine how you pay for your success

Measure how much you pay for weight lost or gained with how you feel not with dollars. Let your price be that of joy and happiness rather than pain and suffering. The happier and safer you feel, the fewer calories you will store, and the easier it will be to achieve an optimum healthy weight for you.

Remember, these are things that you can practice every day. They cost nothing in dollars. You have nothing to lose by starting to practice these things, except a few pounds. Feel good about yourself regardless of what you eat. You are worth it!