Balance Your Life

From Negative Net-Worth to Positive Self-Worth

balancelifePersonal balance is having an awareness of taking care of your own needs so you can give more freely in all the other areas of your life without getting drained and burned out. Your balance in life is affected by what is currently going on in your life. This includes a range of factors from how much nourishment and rest you get to your relationships with yourself and others. Focusing on the past will weigh you down, keeping you from making any forward movement in life. Focusing on the future prevents you from taking steps forward for fear of what might or might not happen.

As you build your personal inner resources your life will change. Financial resources will transform to reflect what you are feeling inside. When you feel internally that you are all over the place, events in your life will reflect that. Demands on your time and energy will not be depleted when you strengthen your inner sense of well-being. As with anything else in life, it takes practice to build your inner resources.

Money challenges have nothing to do with money. Taking an honest look at your financial net-worth will give you a clear indication of how you view your self-worth. Investing in your self-worth will relieve stress and increase health in all areas of your life.

Eliminate constant money worries that drive you crazy

350cloudlionWorries, that arise that we do not attach our minds to, drift away like clouds passing through the sky. They are there for only a moment before they dissolve and disappear. Everything that arises in our life will soon change when we allow it to change. It is the hanging on to the thoughts and emotions that arose in the experience that hold it in place. It is what we hang on to and fix meaning to that shapes our lives. Life itself is ever changing.

Life is like a pendulum swinging first one way then the other. Sometimes it swings gently and slowly. Other times it swings out of control. Eventually the pendulum winds down to stillness, until it is set in motion again. Life events can send the pendulum swinging in a different direction. As with everything in life, there is an ebb and flow to events.

Money worries are perpetuated by thoughts in the mind keeping the worry pendulum swinging. Stop feeding worrisome thoughts about things that are not happening in the moment and worry will disappear on its own. Perceived money issues may still be there but you don’t have to worry about them. That doesn’t mean that you take no action to change the situation. Taking no action can have devastating results. You wouldn’t stand in the middle of the highway during rush hour. That would be setting yourself up for a disaster. You can take steps toward resolving any situation rather than just worrying about it. Worrying about financial matters is a form of inaction.

We do worry about being safe and our loved ones being safe. We may worry about how we will or won’t make it through the next month. When these worries do come up, it is worth taking a second look at those worries to see them for what they are. Are they leading you to a place of resolution? Or are they distracting you from taking inspired action toward the life you want? Is it easier to worry rather than face fears of taking bigger steps in life?

Live within your means AND enjoy your life

Everything you have in your life right now is a reflection of what you feel about your life. For most of us that is a wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain. There are things we like about our life. There are things we don’t like about our life. Somewhere along the way in the process of “growing up”, many of us have lost the inherent joy of experiencing life.

Living within your means is spending less than you have coming in. What you have coming in does not mean just your paycheck. There are many ways that things come to us when we are open to the possibility that they can. These can be things like a friend taking us out to dinner or lending us a book to read. A stranger can stop and help us change a flat tire. A neighbor brings in our mail while we are away.

We also have to be willing to receive the things that do come to us. Would you be focused on gratitude for the stranger that stopped to help you? Or would you be focused on the flat tire? Do you feel blessed because the perfect person at the perfect time was there to assist? Or do you feel that your whole day has gotten off to a bad start?

There are multiple perspectives for every situation that arises in life. You can enjoy a life you love regardless of your circumstances. That does not mean you have to endure the things in life that are hard. You can change your perspective to see things in a better light. The more light you let in, the lighter things become.

Bring your life back into balance
We each have a personal balance sheet that is similar to a financial balance sheet. Instead of Assets = Liabilities + Equity, our life is experienced by Resources – Demands = Quality of Life. There will be times in life that our perceived quality of life is not so grand. Other times it will be overflowing with joy.

Balance sheet resources are the things that we have and own. Rather than financial assets like money, houses and cars, our personal balance sheet includes our education and experience, likes and dislikes, and the inherent natural gifts that we bring to the world. Ideas about who we are is something we own. For instance, when we believe that we are not smart that undermines the knowledge we have gained in the experience and knowledge account which eats away at our quality of life. Our beliefs are something we own.

Balance sheet demands are the things that we owe to others, similar to a mortgage or a car payment. They include things like our obligations and responsibilities. These may be things like work or family obligations, child care, elderly care, illness, etc. Any demands on time and energy fall into this arena. When we feel we are being pulled in different directions at the same time this drains our sense of personal balance.

The difference between our personal resources and the demands on us is our quality of life. When the demands in life far outweigh the resources that are available the quality of life spirals downward. It gets harder and harder to pull out of the downward spiral. You can immediately reverse that spin by taking better care of yourself. This may be something as simple as taking a walk, sitting and reading a book, or taking a nap. It can be anything just as long as it raises your sense of well-being. The better you feel, the easier it is to do what you need to do to be in a better place.

Your thoughts can undermine or support your sense of well-being. Building up your resources by investing in your health and well-being increases your ability to meet life’s demands. You can always feel better or worse than you do right his moment. Why not have it be easier? Why not be happier with where you are at this moment? The happier you are in any moment builds your sense of self-worth. That is a practice that costs nothing and pays priceless dividends.

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