About Us

The Every Day Accountant

Accounting is not just numbers. Accounting is a process. Making decisions based on financial information connects accounting to every part of our life at work and at home. We are part of the accounting process every time we cash our paychecks or make a purchase. The economic environment does not have to leave you feeling helpless in managing limited resources. This is the perfect time to improve your accounting skills and processes to manage your resources and to help bring balance into every part of your life.

People Make Business Grow

Every business is made up of people. The health of a business is dependent not only on the health of its financial statements but also upon the health of its employees, vendors, and customers. Business health is comprised of many facets including: financial health, who we are as individuals, and who we are as a business.

Accounting for Your Health

Many accounting principles can be applied to our personal lives. Life can be viewed as a Balance Sheet. Assets are what we have to work with in life. Liabilities are how we use what we have. Equity is what we are left with at any point in time. What are you left with at the end of the day? If you don’t like what you see, can you change it? Of course you can! With the tools in life that are right for you, you can do anything you what to do.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

   Henry Ford


About Ellen

Ellen Brockway is an author, speaker, and Transition Facilitator for horse and pet owners facing financial challenges intent on keeping the things they love in their life. With a passion for what makes things tick and a reputation for being unflappable, she used the strategies she learned implementing accounting systems to revive her own business, face financial challenges with ease, and keep her animals in her life.

Backed by twenty plus years of business systems consulting and process analysis experience assisting mid-market corporations in multiple industries, Ellen developed “Your Personal Treasure M.A.P.-C.P.R. for Succe$$™ to turn her own life around, get unstuck, and get back on track financially. Her programs include money management basics and discovering the mindset behind the money, as well as, assistance identifying and clearing money related beliefs and fears that keep you stuck.

Ellen’s clients say she can see the forest and the trees, guiding them to see the big picture beyond present moment financial challenges. She enables them to have more confidence, make better decisions, and get better results in life.